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From being a rickshaw puller in New Delhi to becoming an organic farming expert and an innovator, it has been an amazing journey for this farmer from Damla village in Haryana.


There was a time when Dharamveer Kamboj could not even afford to pay for his daughter's school fees. "I spent about two years as a rickshaw puller. Unfortunately, I met with an accident and had to return to my village. As I was bedridden for months, my wife had to face lot of hardships," he says.

After he got well, he did not want to go back. He started to do organic farming in his village.

During his childhood, he used to help his mother while collecting herbs and was aware of the healing properties of medicinal plants. So he decided to plant aloe vera and stilia on a large scale, besides starting a nursery of medicinal plants.

But there was a problem. There was no way to process the yield into useful products. He needed a multipurpose food processing machine...

With his limited resources, he struggled for over eight months to design and build the first prototype of a cost-effective multipurpose food processing machine.

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